GIZMO bites the dust, what are ya using for SIP phones?

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GIZMO bites the dust, what are ya using for SIP phones?

Post  Bob3 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:01 am

Now that Google has officially pulled the plug on GIZMO, what's everybody using for SIP & VoIP?

I have a few Grandstream 486s that I gave to the kids, the critters come in handy for traveling.

Got some feedback on the subject, with some interesting looking possibilities. looks to be a viable candidate but I'm not sure of their POTS / PSTN call in/out number service, it's through a separate entity & looks to run $2/month for the number (when bought by the year) & 2.5 cents/minute for the calls.
Not that huge of an issue but I sure got spoiled with GIZMO.

I emailed someone who was directly involved with SIPphone & he said: " is probably my recommendation." ... and that sure looks to be a spiffy service with a heck of a lot of potential.

so... if anybody knows of anything, give a yell!
They're not into providing any PSTN services though.

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