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Post  EarthBoundMisfit on Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:55 pm

sounds like you do what I do sometimes.
I've been trying to keep my old Xandros 4.5 as current as possible.
I installed Firefox 17.0 onto it after updating GTK to 2.12 from Debian Lenny. I then used Debian Wheezy on another computer to create a .deb package for Firefox 17.0 that would install in Xandros.
I updated the Java to version 7...and installed Frostwire to be my torrent client...as no other torrent clients in Etch or Lenny work well.
I also sent a patched version of Flashplayer 11.2 to the developer of LegacyOS..a Puppy Linux derivative so that they had a better flashplayer to work with.


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