bugz, or what?

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bugz, or what? Empty bugz, or what?

Post  Bob3 on Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:08 pm

OK, can anybody tell me WTF a boot hang / error "disk drive for "/media/preload is not ready yet or not present" is?  Rolling Eyes 

Trying to resurrect an old machine that had a fried power supply, now the critter isn't booting up. Did an install of BH100610 (the only OS on disk laying around here) & it is able to boot into that in GRUB but the other partitions on the HD are not mounting; enabling of mount points / partitions aren't staying persistent after reboot. [under the advanced tab of system settings in "disk & file systems".

Not able to hook into network for internet access… yet.

I'm starting to really like this Mac I'm working on.  bounce

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