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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving Empty Happy Thanksgiving

Post  brotherleroy Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:06 am

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving and can appreciate those things they are Thankful for.

This year my eldest son was sent home from school with the Flu on Tuesday so plans to go back home to Minnesota were canceled. Despite being sick and having to stay in Kansas and figure out our own meal we have plenty to be Thankful for.

1. It is a very mild strain and the school nurse caught it very early on so antiviral meds could do their job.

2. Despite the last minute change of plans, my wife could get the essentials for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

3. We didn't have to spend 20 hours in the car this weekend.

4. We have the opportunity to create some of our own family traditions.

Have a great weekend everybody.



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